Making Advent a Family Event

Thanksgiving has past and December is near! For all of us that can mean a lot of different things.  Traveling, time with family, traditions, disfunction, preparing a shopping list and Black Friday strategies, making green bean casserole, getting the OK to play Christmas music, and the list goes on… I know many of you already have been listening to Christmas Carols for months and your tree is already up. If your neighborhood is anything like mine, there are some people who don’t even take down their Christmas lights. They simply just keep adding more and more to them each year to win the ever coveted Neighborhood Holiday Lights Contest!!!

Erin and I have talked a few times since having Briton & Quinn about what “Family Traditions” we are going to introduce and carry on with our own little family. Each year one of the things I am most excited about is Advent. (Advent comes from the Latin word Adventus, which means coming, and it’s the time when the Church gets ready for the coming of Jesus, celebrated at Christmas.) I love getting to take time throughout the days leading up to Christmas to slow down and reflect on what the day is all about. This year as we begin our new tradition we want to ask you and your family to join us.

More than any other event or time of the year, Advent can restore Jesus to the center of our families. It is the perfect time to introduce a new tradition to your family and begin the habit of reading and discussing scripture together. During this Advent season our Middle School Team at Christ Community Church has reading plan that includes a theme word each day and a portion of correlating Scripture from both the Old Testament & New Testament. We want to encourage you to take some time in the busy hustle and bustle of the season to remember why it is truly –The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! 

Each Day we encourage you to Pray for each other, Read the scripture & Discuss how they tie together as a family.

You can even follow the daily devotional in Instagram by following @CCCmiddleschool. We are also posting each daily devotional on Instagram & encouraging students to take a picture each day of something that reminds them of the daily theme word and post it on Instagram and tag @CCCmiddleshool so we can share them. 


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